August 13, 2011

Tiny lizard!!!

I was getting ready to go out tonight and when I went to pick up my purse, I freaked out when I saw something tiny run away from it really fast.

At first I thought it was a cockroach.

Turns out it was this little guy.

It also turns out that, in my book, tiny lizards are just as creepy as cockroaches.

I'm releasing him back into the wild, but only with the understanding that if he comes back, I will lose my shit big-time. (Or, bigger-time.)


  1. I think you caught yourself a gecko. He likes to eat bugs, which of course is a good thing, especially in Houston. Maybe you can train him to live on your front porch and stay out of the apartment!

  2. Maybe you can get it to give you a deal on your car insurance?


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